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Tipsa is an express courier company with offices throughout Spain. Specifically, the offices of the cities of Tetuán and Salamanca neighbourhood in Madrid are some of Movolytics’ clients in Spain, apart from other offices in other parts of Spain.

Since Tipsa headquarters of the cities of Tetuán and Salamanca implemented the Movolytics system, they have detected more than 400 euros per month wasted on fuel, which has allowed them to save 20% on fuel every month. In addition, thanks to the Movolytics Driving Style Dashboard, Carlos can recommend driving improvements to his drivers in order to reduce unnecessary fuel wastage.

What would you highlight about Movolytics?

Thanks to the wasted fuel analysis, we have been able to implement a series of measures that avoid unnecessary fuel waste, such as avoiding sudden manoeuvres such as accelerating and harsh braking. In addition, if a vehicle has been stopped with the engine running for more than fifteen minutes, the idle alert is activated, which has also contributed to this fuel saving. The logistics sector is very competitive, and any improvement made to reduce operational costs is more than welcome. 

Plus, Movolytics data is real, pulled directly from the engine. They do not use estimates or complicated calculations based on vehicle model, engine or fuel which is something that we truly value.

"Movolytics has saved us 20% in fuel per vehicle which if you multiply this per every vehicle that our fleet has right now, the savings are impressive "

Carlos Adaro, General manager of the Tipsa office in Tetuán and Salamanca (Spain)

Challenges before implementing Movolytics

Before implementing the Movolytics fleet management system, we used other less advanced systems to locate our drivers, such as the use of mobile applications. However, this system was invalidated in the event that the driver forgot his mobile phone, or in the event that he wanted to locate the vehicle and not the driver.

With the Movolytics fleet management system, we can easily locate all our vehicles on the same map, or even do it from the Movolytics application on my mobile phone. Furthermore, thanks to the function of reproducing previous journeys, I have access to all the journeys that my vehicles have made in recent months, which is very useful in case of disputes with customers.

What is your experience with the implementation of Geofences?

Preventing vehicles from leaving delivery areas is easy now thanks to geofences. Vehicles are now under control and well organised!

All the Tipsa branches, like many companies that have a fleet of vehicles, organize their drivers by postal codes, therefore, it is essential to be able to control when one of the drivers is not doing his job correctly.

In addition, the geofence function also helps us to rule out thefts: in case a driver realises that his vehicle has been stolen, I can quickly enter the system and locate his vehicle to alert the police, as the thieves will have no way to deactivate our devices. This would also not be possible if Tipsa located its drivers with mobile applications instead of with a professional fleet management system.

How often do you use the Movolytics platform?

I usually take a look once or twice a week, and if I want to locate a vehicle, I can easily do it on my mobile phone. It is easy to manage. 

The Movolytics platform is straightforward and intuitive. It has several main screens with different menus, as well as a great variety of customizable reports that I can program to go directly to my inbox. If I am not in the office and want to locate a vehicle, I just need to use the Movolytics app.


Carlos Adaro, General manager of the Tipsa office in Tetuán and Salamanca (Spain)

Marketing Assistant at Movolytics

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"Thanks to the geolocation function, thefts are ruled out"

Carlos Adaro, General manager of the Tipsa office in Tetuán and Salamanca (Spain)

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