Movolytics GPS Vehicle Tracker Group, Specialist in the tourism sector on the island of Tenerife(Spain) is a company that specialised in the tourism sector on the island of Tenerife (Spain). Currently, our fleet consists of around 1,000 vehicles and we have 30 offices in the main tourist cities of the island. With more than 30,000 annual reservations, is indisputably considered as one of the leading companies in the tourism sector in the Canary Islands. Most of our vehicle rentals are short-term, from 5 to 7 days, although numerous clients also choose us for long-term rentals. Another of our assets is that we provide private transfer services, with more than 30 high-end vehicles with drivers that in many cases speak several languages.

Why did you choose Movolytics?

We were dissatisfied with another older system that we used before; we were not satisfied with several aspects of their system. For us, it was very important to be able to connect our internal systems with our fleet management system, and with Movolytics we can do that through XML Integration. The price we were offered was also a key factor to choose Movolytics, as we were offered a very competitive price for a comprehensive system.

 “With a high mileage fleet, Movolytics allows us to easily report on our CO2 emissions, and identify key areas for improvement.” Alan Martin, Warehouse Manager, Commercial

"Movolytics' geofence alerts have helped us to save countless unnecessary trips between offices, as now we receive an e-mail or SMS when a vehicle arrives to the airport" .

Juan Daniel Vallecillo, Group

What is the highlight of Movolytics?

As comprehensive as the Movolytics platform is, the system provides us with 2 really important features that allow us to optimise our day-to-day work.

 In the first place, we can highlight the use of alerts, especially geofence alerts. These confirm when one of our vehicles has entered a specific geographic area, for example when one of our customers is approaching the airport to return one of our vehicles. Since we have Movolytics we have saved countless unnecessary trips between offices.

 We also make great use of the live map and the journey replay, as they allow us to maintain control over our large fleet. It also makes it easier for us to help our clients if they are lost or have any problems with the vehicle. It also helps our technical team as they are more informed about the state of the fleet health in terms of service and maintenance. If necessary, we can use this to carry out an in-depth analysis of how the vehicles are being used when out on hire.

What made you look for a fleet management system?

  • To have more control and security over our wide fleet of high-end cars. 
  • To optimize our day to day running of the business (Alerts, Live Map …) 
  • To help improve vehicle life through scheduled service and maintenance inspections

Canarias Group Fleet of cars located in Tenerife, Spain

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"The live map makes it very easy for us to help our customers if they get lost or have any other issue with the vehicle"

Juan Daniel Vallecillo, Group

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