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We pride ourselves on our customer service. We want to ensure our customers are using our system to it’s full potential by proving unlimited one-to-one training. If you want to speak to a customer with similar fleet challenges to your business, just let us know. We would be happy to put you in contact with.

Movolytics offer a dedicated in-house support team and account management, ensuring help is never no more than a call away. Our system experts are happy to ensure you are fully confident in using our system to its full potential and understanding all the features that come with it, to ultimately help you put more money back into your business.


“Every single hour we receive customers calls in regards to where their order is and when is the expected delivery time. Since installing Movolytics we can now not only tell them with precision where their driver and order is but also how long it will take the driver to arrive at their home address”.

 Nataliya Tsishakova , Office Administrator at Neatsmith

JGC Engineering

“Thanks to the Movolytics platform we have been able to identify the use of our company vehicles at night which employees are not allowed to do so after working hours. So after identifying this issue in multiple drivers we updated our company policy which highlighted that the use of company vehicles is not allowed by any means when they are not working”. 

Allan Sutherland, Facilities and Maintenance Manager at JGC

VL Test Systems Ltd

“All our engineers have set up Geofences in the construction sites that they are currently working on.  This helps us know exactly when they arrive at the site and when they finish, so if a customer asks where our engineers are we can tell them in a matter of seconds”. 

Carl Conlan, Senior Engineer Manager at VL Test Systems  Ltd

Dowhigh LTD

“To be honest, our highlight of Movolytics is the clear map tracking that the platform offer. Map tracking is very useful. It allows us to locate our cars, vans, or assets on the map quickly and easily. We can monitor the movements of our vehicles in real-time while they are on a job site or on the route to a project”.

Trevor Murray, Director at Dowhigh Ltd Group

“We can highlight the use of alerts, especially geofence alerts. These confirm when one of our vehicles has entered a specific geographic area, for example when one of our customers is approaching the airport to return one of our vehicles. Since we have Movolytics we have saved countless unnecessary trips between offices”.

Juan Daniel Vallecillo, General manager at Group


“We can now go straight to the Movolytics platform and easily see a driver’s location and dispatch the closest driver to an incoming customer call. So we can quickly organise this emergency appointment, informing the customer with precise times when the worker will be at their site to solve the emergency issue for them”.

Adam Jeal, Systems Development & Compliance Manager at Rota Rod

Owen Scaffold Contractors LTD

“Thanks to Movolytics journey replay, I can see how my drivers have been driving their vehicles to ensure that they are not putting their safety at risk and the company’s reputation at stake, as we once received a complaint from someone about one of our driver’s behaviour on the road”.

Martin Halpin, Transport & Decking Division Manager at Owen Scaffold Contractors LTD


Triangle Lift Services

“We can now see exactly where each engineer is in real-time. Accurate data on vehicle use means timesheets can be verified and we can demonstrate proof of service to our customers. Furthermore, since implementing Movolytics we have reduced our fuel spend by 20%. It made us realise exactly how much fuel was wasted on idling, speeding and bad driving habits”.

Dave Gibson, Facilities Manager at Triangle Lift Services

Commercial LTD

“As a company with a keen eye on sustainability, Fuel Analytics has been one of the most useful parts of the Movolytics system. It shows us potential savings of up to £20,000 per year on wasted fuel and gives us accurate reporting on CO2 usage and excessive idling times”.

Alan Martin, Warehouse Manager at Commercial LTD


“Thanks to Movolytics we recovered a van that had been stolen from us. As soon as we realised the theft, we went in to see the exact location and where it was going and we notified the police, who recovered it immediately”. 

David Muñoz, fleet operations manager at MRW


“The Movolytics platform is straightforward and intuitive. It has several main screens with different menus, as well as a great variety of customizable reports that I can program to go directly to my inbox. If I am not in the office and want to locate a vehicle, I just need to use the Movolytics app.”

Carlos Adaro, General manager at Tipsa 

Clancy Group

“Movolytics helps us maximise the efficiency of our fleet and increase of the safety of our drivers of the Operating companies within the Group giving us detailed information on bad driving habits, speeding events, idling, total on-site times, length of journeys and mileage”.

Bernie Stack, Director at Clancy Group

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