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Commercial Ltd is a dynamic business services company, if your office needs it, we can do it. From stationery to managed print services, IT solutions and Interiors. These solutions are delivered all over the UK. 

We currently have a fleet of 120+ vehicles that are used by our sales, delivery and engineering teams. The majority of our fleet is our Sales teams and Engineers, but we also have a number of delivery vans. We, therefore, need a fleet management system to help us manage them all.

Why did you choose Movolytics?

Movolytics was one of 5 systems we looked at when looking into a new tracking provider. As soon as we saw the interface we loved how user-friendly it was and all the benefits that could provide to our company. The fuel savings part was a key differentiator, and it has proved us right, we’ve already identified key areas where savings can be made and this is something that we are now monitoring on an on-going basis.

"With a high mileage fleet, Movolytics allows us to easily report on our CO2 emissions, and identify key areas for improvement."

Alan Martin, Warehouse Manager, Commercial Ltd

What do you like most from Movolytics?

As a company with a keen eye on sustainability, Fuel Analytics has been one of the most useful parts of the Movolytics system. It shows us potential savings of up to £20,000 per year on wasted fuel and gives us accurate reporting on CO2 usage and excessive idling times. Our company vehicles can do up to 250,000 miles a month and reducing our CO2 emissions is something that we take very seriously. 

We also use other areas in the system like live map and journey replay, and we find the nearest vehicle available functionality very useful for when an engineer is working on a site (for example servicing a photocopier) and we need to send someone to help them. We can quickly open the live map and see who is closest. 

The service and maintenance module is critical for the company by letting us maintain the vehicles and record the total cost of ownership on the fleet.

Why were you looking for a fleet management system?

Our previous system had become obsolete and we could only use it for basic track and trace. We were looking for a system that could give us live tracking, reliable reporting, detailed insight into driver behaviour and, most importantly, a system that could provide accurate data to reduce our fuel spend.

Commercial ltd team outside their office located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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"Movolytics has helped us identify a 12% fuel wastage every year"

Alan Martin, Warehouse Manager, Commercial

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