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GPS fleet control of construction vehicles

If your fleet of vehicles is intended for the construction sector it is vital to know where everything is and what it’s doing at all times, Movolytics offers a solution for all your construction vehicles from your vans to your plant, we can track it all!  With monitoring solutions that provides an all-encompassing solution for vehicles, drivers and assets.

Key benefits

✅ Live maps reveal vehicle location – anytime, anywhere.

✅ Gather data on every vehicle, every driver and every journey.

✅ Slash your fuel costs by up to 30%.

✅ More accurate billing.

✅ Improved asset security.

✅ Manage your fleet from any desktop or mobile device.



Movolytics allows you to see all the information you need in a very simple and visual way. Using very intuitive graphics, you will be able to see the most important aspects of your fleet at a single glance with constant updates. In this way, you will have a summary of your team’s working day and their driving style so that you can consult it when you need it.

Gather data on every vehicle, every driver and every journey

Movolytics represents in real-time where the commercial vehicles and/or construction machinery are located, as well as the routes they have made between the dates you indicate. The software provides detailed reports of the routes and stops made by the vehicle with details of the miles travelled, start/end time, times in each driving state, as well as reports of speeds developed by each vehicle.

Idle or underutilised crews and machines cost you money. With our construction fleet management solution, you can see what’s happening and where it’s happening to make more informed resource decisions.

✅ Locate workers easily.

✅ Find your assets and reallocate when needed. 

✅ Track vehicles and powered or nonpowered assets.

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Track work hours for improved payroll and customer billing

In the case of construction managers and other drivers with company commercial vehicles, it is important to check their punctuality and compliance with the schedule. With our solution you will be able to check the start time of your workforce and if it has complied with the established schedule. If the vehicle is used outside of business hours or starts work later than the scheduled time, the system issues an alert to the person in charge.

In addition, for more information to help you make the right decisions, Movolytics provides work reports by zones, detailing the time that each vehicle has been driven, the speeding and the miles travelled in each zone, both within and outside working hours. 

Increase Your equipment uptime

In order to exceed expectations in every project and to increase the safety of your staff, your fleet of vehicles must always be in perfect condition. With Movolytics, you will be able to keep track of all maintenance actions by registering and configuring notices based on the miles and/or engine hours of each vehicle or asset: next oil change, tire rotation, MOT, end of the renting contract, etc.

Unexpected breakdowns can lead to missed important deadlines, lost revenue and unhappy customers. Construction equipment telematics can keep you up to date on maintenance needs and help you schedule proactive service more efficiently.


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High-value assets in the field are enticing targets. With GPS tracking for construction equipment, you can be alerted to unauthorised 24/7.

✅ Set geographic boundaries with geofences. 

✅ Get instant alerts for any unapproved movement day or night. 

✅ Track good practice with customizable dashboards.


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