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Improve customer experience

It’s competitive out there. Customer satisfaction can make or break your business. Ensure every impression you make is a great one with powerful tools that encourage customer satisfaction and win new business.

Providing quality customer service not only encourages existing customers to continue buying from you — which is cheaper than trying to attract new customers — but it may also create a domino effect. A few word-of-mouth referrals or glowing online reviews from satisfied customers can easily boost your sales.

Key benefits

✅ Monitor arrival times.

✅ Responsive to last minute jobs.

✅ Service more customers throughout the day​.

✅ Provide proof of service​.

✅ Turn good customer service into excellent customer service.

Monitor arrival times

Being able to provide an estimated time of arrivals for customers and clients is a great way to improve a customer experience with your business. This means that when a customer is chasing a delivery of a parcel, or an arrival of the engineer, a more reliable answer is close at hand. Accurate information like this enables you to offer a better service to your customers and your clients, while also helping to reduce costs on your end of things.

Responsive to last minute jobs

A major perk of business vehicle tracking is that you can see where all your vehicles are at any given time, which allows you to dispatch the nearest vehicles to last-minute or high-priority jobs. You’ll reduce customers’ waiting time and be able to complete these projects in a timely manner.

Confirm the driver is en route and give your customer an accurate arrival time. No telephone tennis. No hassle. No problem. Just a reliable, responsive service that your customers can count on.

Service more customers throughout the day

The more customers that are dealt with quickly, the more better customer service you will adhere to. In this modern digital age, no one likes waiting for something. A customer orders a product and they want it at the earliest opportunity. The same can be said for an installation or a service to be completed, people want things the minute they have hit the button on an order. So if as a business you can provide more service and deliveries throughout the day to adhere to customer orders then wouldn’t that be better for your business?

Provide proof of service

Nothing saps the goodwill between you and your customers like a disputed invoice. Because Movolytics logs the arrival and departure times for every address you visit, you never need to worry about providing proof of service again.

Precious time can be spent on logging routes, planning, and analysing information. This time could be better spent doing other things within the business, and a vehicle tracking system takes care of all of that for you. This will allow you to focus your time on other aspects of your business, which will help towards the customer experience. More data to use and a system handling things for you, means that you could deliver items and service far more quicker than you would have previously.

Plan the routes to ensure a timely arrival

A vehicle tracking system allows you to collect data on different routes travelled and how they long they take a driver. The amount of time spent idle due to roadworks and also bad traffic routes. This is why it is important to ensure that you plan the routes more effectively for a timely arrival for your customers and your clients. Knowing the routes to be taken and the time it takes to get there will help you to provide better times, and ultimately keep to estimated arrival times. A happy customer means a better productive business.

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