Movolytics GPS Vehicle Tracker




Improve safety

With Movolytics vehicle tracking, you get insight into events that phone calls and texts can’t deliver, such as real-time vehicle locations and routing, insight into driving behaviour and compliance, and more.

Key benefits

✅ Track driving behaviour.

✅ Customise driver training.

✅ Reduce accidents.

✅ Adhere to compliance and regulations.

✅ Improve vehicle maintenance.

Driving behaviour

Having insight into how your drivers perform on the road is key to keeping costs low, drivers safe, and customers happy. Movolytics  Vehicle tracking systems give you access to safety analytics and actionable data you can use to track poor driving habits. You can easily monitor how fast a vehicle speeds in specific areas, when harsh braking occurred and sharp turns happen, and see harsh acceleration events, helping you pinpoint areas of concern and coach your drivers as needed. By curbing bad driving behaviour, you help increase the longevity of your fleet through less wear and tear, fewer accidents, and lower fuel costs.

Why choose Movolytics to help with speeding

Movolytics vehicle trackers use GPS technology, enabling our customers to monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles at all times and track vehicle speed. Our software records location, distance covered and time, which means that we’re able to calculate vehicle speed and what road they were travelling on. From this, our technology can alert customers to any instances of speeding across the UK road network. 

Many of our customers also find that vehicle tracking and our dash cams works as a natural deterrent. Drivers who are aware that their vehicle is being tracked are less likely to exceed the speed limit for fear of being warned or penalised for their driving behaviour. Instead, this encourages safer and more measured driving behaviour.

Customise driver training

Movolytics tracking technology helps you break down driving behaviour that could lead to serious accidents or events down the road. Through actionable safety data, you can virtually spot trends and patterns of bad driving for individual drivers. Plus, dashboard camera technology lets you record hours of driving, enabling you to see what your drivers experience at any point in time during their work hours. These safety tools give you insight into your fleet’s driving habits no matter its size. You can use the information to customise training sessions for individuals and groups with specific driving habits and reward the good drivers who keep your business safe.

Reduce business risks

Businesses can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter in the event one of their drivers speeding results in death. If a driver has been found to have a long history of speeding or had been driving for a long period without rest before the incident, the court could place some blame on your business causing potentially hundreds of thousands in fines and legal fees.

Whenever a driver is caught driving dangerously in a business vehicle it is important to remember that they represent your business and brand. Many business vehicles are fully branded with business information on them, so if they have caused an accident or have been pulled over by the police, this could reflect poorly on your brand and result in a loss of future earnings.

Improve vehicle maintenance

A fleet is as good as the shape it’s in. The right vehicle tracking system gives you insight into your fleet’s health by reporting on a vehicle’s maintenance or service needs. With vehicle tracking software, you can set thresholds and custom alerts for pre-trip inspections and maintenance based on odometer readings from the vehicle. This lets you monitor and support your fleet’s longevity and stay ahead of any costly repairs or unnecessary services that stem from unmaintained assets.

Furthermore, using vehicle inspection your drivers can proactively inform you of any faults or defects with any of your vehicles.

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