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Seamless fleet compliance without any hassle

Fleet compliance is about keeping your drivers safe on the road, and your business on the right side of the law. Using the right tools to stay compliant is key. As government regulations are becoming stricter, Movolytics automatically helps you to stay on top of your fleet compliance.

Key benefits

✅ Automatically maintain driver logs.

✅ Generate compliance reports with minimal effort.

✅ Help your business avoid heavy fines.

✅ Improve your overall fleet safety.

Driver Hours

You can be prosecuted if the authorities find out one of your drivers has been on the road too long without a break. Driver compliance means that your drivers are operating safely, which means taking breaks and obeying road laws.

With Movolytics you can see exactly when the engine starts, exactly when the engine stops and exactly when breaks are taken.

BiK and business taxes

Do you allow your drivers to use business vehicles for both business and personal use? If so, there are all kinds of tax implications. Your business could incur a chunky fine if you file your accounts incorrectly, which is why having clear tracking is so important and useful.

Movolytics makes it easy to delineate between business miles and personal miles. Simplify your vehicle BiK calculations and get on the right side of the taxman.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet MaintenanceFleet compliance means looking at both sides of the fleet equation: drivers and vehicles. Our business vehicle tracking is enabled to send automatic reminders when it’s time to complete key vehicle maintenance checks.

Keeping your vehicles in peak condition is vitally important. If one of your vehicles causes a fatal accident because it’s faulty, your business would be liable. Movolytics issues automatic reminders when it’s time to complete key vehicle maintenance checks to help you stay on top of service schedules.

Duty of care

Fleet compliance affects all aspects of your business. As an employer, you are legally obliged to provide a duty of care to your staff and other road users. Failure to do so means that in the unlikely event of an accident, your business would be responsible.

Movolytics helps. Our software is not just great for your profit and loss but HR too, with clear dashboards and alerts to keep you on top of fleet compliance.

Driver feedback and training

Every driver is different. Movolytics knows that and builds a profile of inefficiency for each of your staff, highlighting areas where they need to improve performance behind the wheel. Some may be prone to speeding. Others late braking or engine idling.

By isolating risky behaviours and providing one-to-one feedback, you can make training more meaningful to each driver and improve efficiency across your fleet.

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