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Movolytics’ fuel management system changes the way fuel is measured, recorded and reduced

Fuel data is meaningless unless it’s accurate. Movolytics fuel management system uses patented technology to gather real-time information straight from your engine. No other fuel management system is this accurate when it comes to reducing fuel spend.

Key benefits

✅ No estimates – advanced technology pulls accurate data straight from the engine for informed business decisions.

✅ Use of patented fuel technology.

✅ See exactly how much inefficient driving costs your business in lost fuel.

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Powerful insight on how your fleet uses fuel

Movolytics gives you precise data on fuel consumption and fuel wastage. Then we show you what that means in pounds and pence. You can slice the data from the fuel monitoring system any way you want, pulling reports based on time, region, driver or fleet to monitor trends and keep your fuel spend in check.

Our fuel management systems even shows you how much money you could save on each journey and makes it easier to forecast your fuel spend. That leads to better business budgeting and enhanced profit margins.

Protect your profits from going up in smoke

An idling engine wastes money. Movolytics will alert you every time one of your vehicles has been idling for more than five minutes. And because our fuel management technology knows the difference between a vehicle that’s stuck in congestion and one that’s genuinely idling, you’ll never receive unnecessary alerts. Take meaningful action to prevent your profits from trickling out of your fleet’s exhaust pipes.


Less speed, more safety

Speed limits are there for a reason. Drivers who break them don’t just put themselves at risk. They could cause accidents and put your entire business in jeopardy. Slowing the pace by 5mph is a small price for peace of mind. It will reduce your fuel costs too. Set alerts to trigger whenever your vehicles exceed the speed limit by a certain percentage. It provides a strong incentive for your drivers to follow the rules.


Drive smarter, save money

Rapid acceleration. Harsh braking. Hard cornering. Movolytics logs wasteful driver behaviours and builds a profile of inefficiency for each driver. You will see exactly where you can reduce your fuel spend – and get accurate estimates for how much money you could save.

Stop unauthorised vehicle use

Do your employees take company vehicles home at night or over the weekends? Then your business may be funding the fuel wasted on personal errands or side-jobs. That could amount to hundreds of pounds of needless expense per month and without technology, you have no way of knowing. Install Movolytics and receive instant alerts whenever one of your vehicles is being driven outside of your normal business hours.

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