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How does Telematics Help Drivers?

It’s not only fleet business owners that benefit from the incorporation of telematics into their company, but also the fleet drivers themselves. 

Telematics can be a huge asset to your business because of the advantages it offers fleet drivers who want a safe and efficient environment to work in. Here’s how Movolytics can enhance your drivers’ experiences while they are employed by you:

Telematics provides a safety boost

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents identifies telematics as a great aid to improving driving and reducing risky behaviours, such as sharp cornering, speeding and harsh acceleration and braking. You can then provide advice on how your drivers can drive more safely too. They continue stating that, ‘telematics can significantly reduce crash rates, levels of risky driving behaviours, and fuel and accident costs’.

Telematics can train drivers properly

Employees are always thinking about the next step and many potential drivers will be considering progression in your company or elsewhere. Training is a great pull to get employees to want to work with and for you. 

Telematics can help your drivers be the best they can be, by identifying the bad driving habits. Their record can be kept clean of accidents and insurance claims. You can incorporate the data into your accident investigation process, making sure you have all the details for future training purposes too. 

As well as helping in training seminars, Movolytics is also a training on the go system, with employees watching the fleet drivers’ behaviours as they work and sending them messages on where to improve. Telematics is always watching, so your drivers can evolve whenever they are working.

Telematics helps identify those who deserve rewards

As telematics helps you identify good behaviours, you can reward your drivers accordingly. That means bonuses, gifts or even certificates to highlight their improvements and successes!

Telematics reminds drivers to take a break

Telematics reminds drivers toBreaks are not only vital for a driver’s health, but also help employees to stay on the right side of the law. It is illegal to drive for long periods of time, without having a sufficient off-road, rest break. Telematics will let you know how long drivers have been driving for, so you can ensure employees are taking their essential breaks. 

It is important that when you first introduce your drivers to telematics, you keep them in the loop about what’s going on. Explain what telematics does and how it benefits both you and your employees. Individuals may be hesitant when it comes to having their performance monitored while they work, but when you clarify that it will keep them safer, improve their overall driving behaviour and make sure they are getting their break from behind the wheel, they should be elated with the new software.

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