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How fleet management helps the construction industry

Efficient transport is vital in the construction sector, getting people and materials from A to B to ensure that targets are met and projects are completed on time. Fleet management software that tracks vehicles, drivers and assets in real-time can help benefit the construction industry by providing accurate delivery times, precise locations and more.

Any industry that manages a fleet of vehicles can make good use of fleet tracking systems, and the construction industry is no exception. From big nationwide construction companies to smaller local companies, keeping track of where your vehicles are and analysing the real-time data can help you to give accurate results and make smarter decisions. Movolytics can help you to manage your commercial vehicles with live tracking and dashboards, enabling you to see which vehicles are on the move and which are idle, plus mileage and speed reports. This can help you reallocate your assets easier, so your construction vehicles can serve more customers and boost your productivity, plus being able to provide accurate delivery or pick up times leads to greater customer satisfaction and more efficient working You can also monitor schedule compliance and driver punctuality, making sure your vehicles are exactly where they need to be within work hours, preventing unauthorised use of high-value assets. Vehicle tracking offers peace of mind, so you can see the exact location of your construction vehicles and vehicles that are transporting important materials and goods, so you can guarantee they get to the project site on time and any issues will be reported to you with instant alerts. We also provide live tracking for static assets such as skips, letting you know where your assets are and ensuring they get where they need to be on time.

Staff safety and the condition of your vehicles are high priorities in the construction industry. By keeping track of maintenance needs you can ensure your construction equipment is always well maintained and road-safe, reducing the likelihood of emergencies. Telematics can show you mileage, engine hours, oil and tire changes and MOT information to help you keep on top of things and prevent issues or breakdowns before they happen. Safer construction vehicles mean safer drivers and a happier workforce, plus money saved on breakdown costs and a more efficient servicing schedule. Live tracking also lets you analyse driver behaviour and road safety, letting you put safe driving incentives in place to encourage compliance and guarantee safety.

Construction fleet tracking comes with a range of benefits that can help your construction services run smoother from start to finish. At Movolytics we understand that your most valuable assets are your construction vehicles, and tracking not only offers real-time actionable data, but peace of mind too. Tracking your fleet can improve driver behaviour, reduce fuel costs, prevent unauthorised use, increase efficiency and delivery times and help you keep on top of vehicle maintenance. If you work in the construction industry and think that fleet management software could make your business run smoother, get in touch with us today.

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Daniel Rey
Marketing Manager at Movolytics

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"“We love the fuel analytics side of Movolytics. We know exactly where our vehicles are wasting fuel. Some drivers are worse at speeding, some are worse at idling. Either way we can take steps to correct it."

Penny Bungay, Director of DRW Reading

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