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How to Motivate Your Fleet Drivers

Motivation is key to a fleet business’s success. Employees need to be productive for a fleet to function efficiently and profitably. There are lots of different ways you can motivate your fleet drivers, and telematics can provide the boost you need to encourage it.

Share and Promote the Best Practice

Have regular training sessions and seminars to showcase best behaviour. Drivers who aren’t performing well can see where they are going wrong and be more inspired to do better, if they see others carrying out great behaviour. Telematics will allow you to see who’s performing bad behaviours, so you can acknowledge and highlight them for improvement too.

Rewards and Awards

Rewarding drivers for their good work is one of the best ways to motivate employees. It’s a great way to keep drivers motivated too. Drivers who exhibit good driving behaviours should be given bonuses at the end of the month. Rewards could also be given for those who improve their driving habits too. Fleet business managers can use telematics to identify who is carrying out good and bad driving habits. For example, Movolytics can not only identify the bad practice of engine idling but can differentiate between a driver simply having the radio on or actually leaving the engine running while in traffic.

Spend Time Outside of Work

Fleet owners can motivate drivers outside of the workplace. Hosting annual activities or meet-ups outside of the workplace can really boost productivity on the team. For example, you could take your team out for lunch to a local restaurant every month or get everyone to go paintballing once a year. Getting out of the usual working environment lets your employees connect on a different level and can make drivers feel more positive about their job and work.

Praise and Praise Again

If a driver has gone above and beyond their usual daily tasks for your business, you should acknowledge the exceptional work carried out. Also, if they have improved on punctuality and driving behaviour, you should make sure you’ve praised them for their hard work and amended performance.

Create Goals

As a fleet business owner, you should be setting goals for your team as well as your individual employees. These goals should push your business in the right direction. To motivate drivers, you could get them to set their own, achievable goals, so they know what to expect from the upcoming weeks. Then, at the end of the month, make sure to celebrate those who have achieved their objectives.

Check in On Your Staff

Employees are more likely to work for a manager that cares about them. Make sure you’re always checking in on your drivers and putting their best interests at heart. With telematics, you can ensure an excellent duty of care. Ask your drivers about their personal interests and make sure to stay updated with their lives outside of work.

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