Movolytics GPS Vehicle Tracker




Improve your business bottom line

Software is only as good as the benefits to your business. Movolytics delivers, and fast. The cost of Movolytics is quickly covered by its ability to reduce your spend and provide ROI within as little as three months.

Key benefits

✅ Complete more jobs in one day.

✅ Keep track of your workers time​.

✅ Maximise your fleet’s potential​.

✅ Reduced Insurance Premiums​.

Complete more jobs in one day

With Movolytics, you can access a real-time view into your vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Routing tools allow dispatchers to easily send destinations straight to drivers’ in-vehicle mobile devices.

Movolytics also provides live traffic updates to ensure drivers are sent the most efficient routes possible. Movolytics also provides a find nearest feature, which locates the drivers closest to a provided address, geofence, or other driver. This process allows fleets to complete jobs quickly and with a minimum spend of resources. Geofences also help boost profitability by marking the most critical areas for the business. Managers can monitor the time spent within these boundaries to determine if drivers are giving attention to the right jobs.

Keep track of your workers time

Movolytic’s suite of reports and compliance solution provide users with a full picture into safety and performance across the fleet. Status reporting allows fleet managers to view days and time when workers take lunch breaks, are on duty, and log off for the day. These reports can be run on an individual driver or fleet-wide basis.

Business and private mileage tracking allow users to distinguish when vehicles are utilized for business purposes or private use. Vehicle usage reports monitor asset utilization by time on job site for accurate daily measurements.

Maximise your fleet's potential

Movolytics tracks your vehicle maintenance schedules and prompts you when it’s time for action. Reduce costly downtime and minimise the risk of roadside service calls. With Movolytics your vehicles are cheaper to run and repair – and hold a higher resale value.

Further to the detailed information gathered from a particular vehicle, the data will build a picture over time of its condition and assist in routine maintenance and repair scheduling. Maintenance of vehicles can be planned way ahead of any problems, taking them out of use for routine maintenance, at your convenience. After all, having even one van off the road unexpectedly can be a major headache if your company relies on that vehicle day to day.

Reduce fuel costs

Movolytics provides comprehensive reports that gauge how much fuel is burned per vehicle to help businesses save on unnecessary expenses. The idle time report gives users an in-depth view of all idling per vehicle by location.

For a deeper view, Movolytics collects travel distance, average speed and fuel used within a selected date range for a drill-down approach into a specific vehicle’s inefficiencies. Drivers can further understand their own behavior patterns with the Event Viewer, which replays unsafe and inefficient events. More informed and better trained drivers can curb habits that burn excessive fuel.

Reduced insurance premiums

Because of all the data and information trackers can provide, vehicle telematics may well have an impact on your fleet’s insurance premiums. It would be wise to check with your insurance provider, but even a small saving per vehicle could add up to a significant saving over time, offsetting the initial investment you have to make in hardware and software.

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