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Movolytics Expands to the Spanish Market


It’s been just over 18 months since the Movolytics journey first began, and we’re excited to announce that we’re going to be expanding. Following our success in providing fleet management services in the UK, and the recent acquisition of an established vehicle tracking firm, we’re branching out to cater for Europe’s second largest fleet market; Spain.

With such a giant road transport infrastructure, we’ve recognised a demand for streamlined fleet management, particularly in the construction, engineering, utilities and transportation industries in Spain. By using Movolytics software, Spanish fleets can gain a competitive edge in the market and enjoy the improved safety, productivity and customer satisfaction that our 18,000 UK users appreciate.

So, what can the fleets in Spain expect of us?

  • Reduced costs. Fleet managers will have access to the same leading-edge technology as our UK users, which offers highly accurate data that can reduce expenditure. This is done using technology that avoids relying on estimates and instead gathers highly accurate data. The data is drawn directly from each vehicle’s engine management system and is delivered in real-time to the software platform. Using this information, fleet managers can react quickly to changing road conditions, sending drivers along more economic routes that reduce the time spent idling in traffic and burning through fuel. Movolytics software also provides an overview of each driver’s behaviour on the road. This is presented in a highly visual report, which can be analysed to eliminate pricy driving habits, improve performance and increase driver safety. 


  • More efficient operations. Thanks to the software’s analysis reports, drivers and fleet managers can spend less time doing paperwork. In the office, fleet managers can rely on the Movolytics software to provide highly accurate reports of each journey and keep track of scheduled vehicle maintenance dates. For drivers, the software creates automatic timesheets. It also reports on scheduled stops, ensuring drivers are taking their necessary breaks. This level of data collection on driver performance can also be utilised to recognise key performance indicators, allowing for high performers to be identified and duly rewarded.


  • An easy to use platform. Relying on visuals, the Movolytics dashboard is highly intuitive and requires little training to use with confidence. Our user-friendly interface gives our Spanish users everything that’s already great about our software, and more. 


  • Multiple language options. In addition to our English software, users will also have the option to choose a Spanish-language version, reducing any language-based misunderstandings or issues. This software can be found at 


  • Support. Our team has grown to include a roster of talented and experienced customer support staff, who will be solely responsible for taking care of the Spanish market.


Our success in the UK is testament to the many benefits that fleet management companies receive by integrating our software into their operations. We’re excited to share our software with the Spanish market and show them what a great return on investment our technology really is!

 Barcelona, Spain.

Lynsey Denman
Customer Experience Leader at Movolytics

13 March 2018

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