Movolytics GPS Vehicle Tracker



With MovoPlus You Will Get

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring
  • Service & Maintenance Management
  • Journey Replay
  • Smart Geo-fence Management
  • 18 Automated Reports
  • 14 Live Alerts
  • Mobile Applications
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4 Ways to Make the Most of MovoPlus

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Live GPS Tracking

Live tracking at your fingertips​

Live tracking from Movolytics allows you to see your vehicles and drivers in real time using any internet connected device. No need for additional software, everything is accessed over the web.

✅ Pinpoint location of vehicles.

✅ Vehicle speeds, starts and stops. 

✅ Follow them on Google maps. 

✅ Analyse daily activity.

Bad Habits​

Correct bad habits, slash fuel spend

Our platform monitors all of your employees/vehicles driving behaviour. Our advance technology gathers the information on your fleets harsh accelerating, braking, cornering and wrong gear usage. It will then display all this information in an easy to use and simplified dashboard. You will be able to view driver league tables, compare driver performances and access trends at the touch of a button. This will allow you to correct any poor driving habits, incentivise your employees safe driving and work towards reducing your risk management and insurance costs.

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Fleet Maintenance​

Get maintenance reminders

Nowadays it is vitally important that our clients can have peace of mind that their fleet is running safely and cost effectively. The Movolytics platform has transformed the way our clients maintain and ensure their fleet safety by automating the process of the required service and maintenance programs of their fleet. Movolytics will provide you a full service and maintenance platform including daily driving checks. You can relax knowing that the Movolytics system will manage, and more importantly, alert you when any servicing is required or problem arises.


Movolytics mobile applications

Driver's App

Grant individual drivers access to their own driving style reports via the Mobile app, without giving them access to other drivers’ information. This encourages drivers to see their own scores and performance at the end of each day.The driver will be able to see the speed they travelled at different points in the day, and they can see the acceleration and braking index for that same time period. The Daily Driver Score is also clearly visible, so the driver can access their style of driving at the end of each day, or go back over previous days in the week to see how their driving has improved. 

Manager's App

There is a Manager’s app is available for management to see the whole fleet performance and make informed decisions on how to correct any risky driving behaviours. 

The app’s are free to download and there are no limits to the number of people who can use the app’s per account. 

Get your personalised demo and discover in less than 15 minutes how our advanced technology can help your business.

How does Movolytics vehicle tracking work?

Movolytics is the online cloud-based platform that connects you and your vehicles. 

Thanks to Movolytics, vehicle tracking technology has never been so user-friendly.

The system provides real-time location of vehicles as well a comprehensive range of reporting and dashboards designed to help you save fuel, time and money.

Movolytics is with you whether you are in the office or on the move. Movolytics give you the information that you want, when you want it. 

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What do our clients say?

"The Movolytics platform is straightforward and intuitive. It has several main screens with different menus, as well as a great variety of customizable reports that I can program to go directly to my inbox. If I am not in the office and want to locate a vehicle, I just need to use the Movolytics app"
"Knowing exactly how much bad driving costs our business, combined with Movolytics fuel analytics allows us to spot trends and to put actions in place to decrease our fuel spend"
"Thanks to Movolytics we have reduced our fuel wastage by 52% . This basically means that the system is paying for itself 10 times over every month just on fuel savings alone. That's not counting all the additional benefits that we get from the other parts of the system"

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