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Neatsmith Testimonial

Neatsmith creates and installs bespoke wardrobes, studies, and home offices in the London area. They are a family run business, established over 14 years ago. Employing a team of dedicated designers, cabinet makers, and fitters we prioritise design, quality and service

What would you highlight about Movolytics?

Since implementing Movolytics, Neatsmith’s customer’s service has improved considerably. Every day we receive multiple calls just asking where their order is located and how long it will take for them to receive it. With the help of the powerful software of Movolytics, we can take a look and in a matter of seconds, we can tell them where the driver with their order is and how long it will take the driver to arrive at their address.

"Every single hour we receive customers calls in regards to where their order is and when is the expected delivery time. Since installing Movolytics we can now not only tell them with precision where their driver and order is but also how long it will take the driver to arrive at their home address"

Nataliya Tsishakova , Office Administrator, Neatsmith

What do you like most about the platform?

Vehicle location is definitely our favourite tool that has helped our business the most. We have over 25 vehicles so it is very import for us to know where all of our drivers are at all times so we can react quickly to last-minute calls which include new orders coming in or returns that customer needs collection to be arranged. Also thanks to journey replay we can go back a few weeks or even months in the past if we need to check more information about a specific journey that was done by one of our drivers. This gives us the ability to prove that our furniture orders were delivered on time to the right location in case a customer complaint arises.

Do you use the driver monitoring tools?

Yes, we do. Every month we run a report to understand how our drivers have performed in regards speeding, harsh braking or gear use. We use the ranking system of Movolytics which is emailed to every single driver in the company to spotlight the best performing drivers which will have an incentive for being the best drivers of the month. Incentives such as leaving early on Friday or a free meal.

Has Movolytics benefited your business in any other way?

Without a doubt, our customer service has improved in great measure. Now we can get to customers faster with accurate information, respond quickly to emergency jobs, provide accurate timely service, or even allow customers to directly track vehicles executing their services.  Also, we now have reliable proof of service that we can give to our customers if they request so to dispute an invoice, thanks to Movolytics logs automatically the arrival and departure times for every address we visit, we never need to worry about providing proof of service again.

Neatsmith van in London, UK

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"With Movolytics it takes seconds to locate each order and maintain the customer informed and happy"

Nataliya Tsishakova , Office Administrator, Neatsmith

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