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Owen Scaffold Contractors Ltd

Owen Contractors Ltd was formed in 1992 by two of their current Directors, each of whom have wealth of experience and knowledge in both the Scaffolding and Brickwork trades. They started with a very small team that has been growing over the years to become one of the largest Scaffold providers in Sussex and surrounding counties. They have also assisted clients in winning numerous NHBC awards. 

Their commercial fleet consists of 2 HGV’s that they use for scaffolding and collecting materials from the sites, as well as 40 commercial vehicles.

Experts in Brickwork and Scaffolding

Owen Contractors are a combined Brickwork and Scaffolding Contractor company who supply a service to all the main building contractors across the South East of England. The company has been established for over 25 years and employs over 450 people. 

They have been using Movolytics’ system since June 2018 and are very pleased with the wide range of features and reports that it includes.

"With Movolytics, I can quickly pinpoint where my drivers are and what they are doing"

Martin Halpin, Transport & Decking Division Manager

What did he like most of Movolytics?

“A lot of things really. Personally, as Transport Manager of the company, I use Movolytics on a daily basis to keep track of servicing mileage and to pinpoint where the fleet is whenever I need to know, etc. I’m also aware that the drivers’ line manager uses the system to know what time they start and finish so that he can pay the wages accordingly.”

Why were you looking for a fleet management system?

Movolytics is not our first experience with fleet management systems. We previously had another system we used for basic reporting and live map, but we felt that we were not getting a return on our investment.

Why did you choose Movolytics?

As soon as we saw Movolytics, we loved the accuracy of their system, the price and the software itself. It’s so easy to use.

Can you mention 2 or 3 areas where you think that Movolytics has helped you?

Geofence alerts and real-time location 

“With Movolytics, I can use their software to set up our customers’ sites and the system will let me know when our employees are leaving the area and I can also access their live location directly on my computer or my mobile phone to quickly identify if any of the drivers aren’t where they should be.” 

(A geofence is a virtual fence that cordons off a certain geographic area. E-mail and/or SMS alerts can be configured whenever a vehicle crosses the boundary of that virtual fence. A geofence can be any size, created by drawing an area on a map or based on a postcode area. It’s a smart, simple way to track the movement of vehicles into and out of key sites.)

Driver safety and driver behaviour 

“Driver safety and driver behaviour are two things that we take very serious at Owen Scaffold Contractors. Thanks to Movolytics’ journey replay, I can see how my drivers have been driving their vehicles to ensure that they are not putting their safety at risk and the company’s reputation at stake, as we once received a complaint from someone about one of our driver’s behaviour on the road”. 

On one occasion I could see on the journey replay that one of my drivers had 12-speed offences on one single journey. I contacted him immediately to then find out that he had been given a speeding ticket that day. This has allowed us to alert drivers of any bad behaviour. Movolytics delivers alerts for speeding and idling, making it very easy for us to put in place some measures and recommendations for our drivers. Drivers can now also see their driver behaviour on the Movolytics’ mobile app.”

Reports to avoid pay disputes. 

“Movolytics has a wide range of reports that we can either download from the system itself or receive them in our inbox. One of the reports that make our lives easier is the “daily timesheet” report, which gathers information about every single journey. This includes fuel spend, start and finishing times, etc. With this report in our hand, there are no more manual timesheets to be filled in by our drivers, no more inaccurate salaries, and no fear of claiming the wrong fuel tax.”


Building under construction by Owen Scaffold Contractors Ltd in Manchester, United Kingdom

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"As Transport Manager of the company, I use Movolytics on a daily basis to keep track of servicing mileage and to pinpoint where the fleet are whenever I need to know"

Martin Halpin, Transport & Decking Division Manager

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