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The Advantages of a Dashboard

Fleet management software has become a vital part of any fleet business that wants to reduce costs, provide good safety and care for their team and help do their bit for the environment. The software’s features are all designed to help and improve how a fleet company works, with the business owner in mind. 

A dashboard is one of the most important features that, more often than not, comes with fleet management software. It works as a guide and informant for everything that is currently happening in your business, so you don’t have to fret about numbers and figures.

The Dashboard Transparency

A dashboard provides data and information from the working day transparently – there are no hidden figures or expenses waiting for you in the background. With traditional methods, like writing everything down, there is too much of a risk that something will be missed out, or even worse, misplaced. 

It’s harder for data and information on a dashboard to get lost, as it is all stored in one place. This also means that anyone who has access to the dashboard, can view it at any time. Whether you’re on the train to work, away from home at the weekend or running errands on your lunch break, you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening with your business in the current moment.

Knowledge is Power

With dashboards, you get the information you need, without all the jargon and unnecessary data around it. For example, our dashboard won’t confuse you with a bombardment of different reports and multiple, other dashboards, it will just show you important data. Our system will provide you with a powerful business insight of information you need to know.

Analyse Quicker to Improve

Dashboards help you deliver analysis and reports on how your month is going. All the information a dashboard provides can be utilised to evolve your business. For example, with Movolytics, you can track fuel spend in real time and see what driving habits are costing you the most – our dashboard identifies over 150 different driving behaviours and manoeuvres and gives your drivers an efficiency score. This means you can see which of your drivers performs the best, and which perform the worst all on one central screen. The dashboard also creates a sort of leaderboard, which you can use to help your employees improve. With the data easy to digest, you can present it at meetings to encourage your drivers to be better and provide rewards for those who are consistently performing well. You can also use the information to further your employees’ training.

Save Time

With dashboards, you aren’t checking in multiple places for different pieces of information – all the essentials are in one place. Say your goodbyes to timesheets, as dashboards can help deliver driver reports straight to your inbox. 

Although, fleet management software and a dashboard are vital features to have when you’re running a fleet business, you also need support and good customer service to come with the software. The team at Movolytics work hard, so you don’t have to! If there are any problems with the software, then our team will respond quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to running your business.

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Daniel Rey
Marketing Assistant at Movolytics

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"“We love the fuel analytics side of Movolytics. We know exactly where our vehicles are wasting fuel. Some drivers are worse at speeding, some are worse at idling. Either way we can take steps to correct it."

Penny Bungay, Director of DRW Reading

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