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The Benefits of Fleet Management

Many businesses involve the use of a fleet of vehicles, from taxi services to construction companies to transport and logistics. Keeping track of your fleet of vehicles is vital to ensure that your business is running smoothly and correctly. Offering more than just seeing your vehicles on a map, fleet management software helps you to know not only exactly where your vehicles are, but to monitor driver behaviour and fuel usage to help you protect your drivers and save money.

A great benefit of fleet management is safety. By monitoring the driving habits and behaviour of your fleet drivers, you can actively keep track of unsafe driving and prevent problems. Fleet management and vehicle tracking opens up opportunities for training to eliminate dangerous driving, and to offer rewards and incentives to encourage compliance and safer driving. The presence of a car tracking device can also help to make drivers more aware of their driving, passively encouraging better road safety. Ultimately, the safety of your drivers is any managers top priority, and employing a fleet management system is a great way to ensure this.

Fleet management also offers a range of security benefits. In a fleet, your vehicles are your most important asset, and being able to keep track of them in real-time can provide you with invaluable peace of mind. You can receive instant updates and communications, telling you exactly where your vehicles are and if any are unaccounted for. This is especially useful if you are transporting important cargo or have both fixed and mobile assets to track and manage. Driver logs and compliance reports also help to keep your business on the right side of the law, maintaining your reputation and helping you avoid any fines. Crucially, an efficient fleet that is tracked, monitored and reliable provides a great experience for customers, especially passengers. Fleet management helps to keep both assets and customers secure, ensuring client satisfaction.

Our tracking software not only provides real-time locations and driver behaviour analysis, but can also help your fleet become more efficient by tracking and monitoring driver fuel usage. Estimates can become a thing of the past as you can see your exact fuel usage and spend, and this data can be used to make sure you aren’t overspending and to work on reducing the environmental impact of your fleet. Our system can be connected to your mobile device to send you live alerts, so that you can address incidents as they happen. Should an accident occur or a vehicle break down or show signs of problems, you can be instantly alerted to prevent small issues from becoming serious, saving you time and money on maintenance.

The Movolytics vehicle fleet tracking system provides an all in one telematics solution. The ability to track your drivers and see vehicle locations in real-time puts you in control, helping your business to reduce fuel consumption, prioritise driver wellbeing and to handle maintenance issues in good time. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, whatever your industry, Movolytics fleet management solutions could benefit you by increasing productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Daniel Rey
Marketing Assistant at Movolytics

All in one vehicle tracker

"“We love the fuel analytics side of Movolytics. We know exactly where our vehicles are wasting fuel. Some drivers are worse at speeding, some are worse at idling. Either way we can take steps to correct it."

Penny Bungay, Director of DRW Reading

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