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The Benefits of Seeing Your Vehicles in Real Time

Working in industries and careers that requires fleet management, isn’t always an easy job. There are invoice disputes, a whole team of people and vehicles to manage and profits to be made. 

However, there is software available to help you manage the challenging job, so you can start to enjoy your career, rather than worry about what could go wrong.

Fleet tracking software can help you see your fleet vehicles in real time. The software tracks the driver and their vehicle in real time, so it’s easier for you to see what your drivers and doing and where your vehicles are heading. All the information on your driver can be monitored and checked throughout their journey – that’s their behaviour, their routes, their time spent on site and their time spent off of it.

The software is built with individual differences in mind. Not every driver drives the same, but it is important that all your employees drive safely and in accordance with the law. The fleet management software tracks driver behaviour and knows what your drivers are doing and when. It builds a profile of inefficiency for each member of your staff and highlights areas where they need to improve their performance behind the wheel. The dashboard will identify any drivers that are prone to speeding, late braking or engine idling, all of which can cost your company more money in fuel and harm the environment. The software can send a live update to the driver while they are in their vehicle advising them of the best way to perform efficiently and safely.

By highlighting risky behaviours and providing direct one-to-one feedback, either in person or through the dashboard, you can train your drivers more efficiently and quickly, while cutting any costs further training would cost you and your fleet. Therefore, the software not only helps you save money on fuel and training but can also help your drivers avoid accidents by eliminating dangerous driving behaviour before it’s too late.

Happier Clients

Knowing where your vehicles are in real time will also let your clients know where the driver is and how long it will take them to reach the site.


Tracking your vehicles in real-time can also help with problems that may appear in the long run like invoice disputes. By tracking your vehicle and the hours your driver has been in a location, you have enough evidence to back you and your employee up if a client disputes how long your staff have worked on a site

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Graeme corner
Sales Director at Movolytics

02 July 2020

All in One Vehicle Tracker

"Movolytics' geofence alerts have helped us to save countless unnecessary trips between offices, as now we receive an e-mail or SMS when a vehicle arrives to the airport."

Juan Daniel Vallecillo , Canarias Rent a Car Group,

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