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GPS fleet management in Transport & Logistics

Our patented technology system for Transport & Logistics Operators monitors the entry and exit of cars, vans and trucks from the warehouse to their delivery address with updates every 30 seconds, one of the fastest update rate in the market.

You will be able to manage all the complex requirements of a trucking fleet. Help maintain compliance with the law, help monitor and coach your drivers’ behaviours, and track fuel costs and idling. Do it all with one platform:

Key benefits

✅ Stay in control with a real-time map showing the location of every vehicle.

✅ Build a record of every journey your drivers have made.

✅ Slash your fuel costs by up to 30% and drive ROI.

✅ Improve customer satisfaction with more accurate delivery windows.

✅ Protect valuable assets with trailer tracking.

✅ Reduce engine idling, unauthorised vehicle use and wasteful driving.

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Harsh driving behaviours can lead to accidents and poor vehicle health. Use Movolytics tracking features like driver scorecards and our dashcam solution to coach your drivers on safer driving behaviours. Plus, you can help reduce wear and tear on vehicles.


Movolytics represents in real-time where the commercial vehicles are located, as well as the routes they have made between the dates you indicate. The software provides detailed reports of the routes and stops made by the vehicle with details of the miles travelled, start/end time, times in each driving state, as well as reports of speeds developed by each vehicle.

Idle or underutilised crews and machines cost you money. With commercial fleet management, you can see what’s happening and where it’s happening to make more informed resource decisions.

✅ Locate workers easily.

✅ Find your drivers and reallocate when needed. 

✅ Track vehicles and powered or nonpowered assets.

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fleet management for transport and logistic companies

Improve your productivity, protect your revenue and hit your business goals. When your wheels are turning, so are the economies. Transport and logistics are important. But working in your sector presents challenges. You face constant pressure to cut costs, comply with regulation and increase revenue. 

Competition is everywhere. Your fuel spend feels uncontrollable. It’s not easy. Movolytics helps you tackle the challenges, giving you a streamlined way to manage your fleet, monitor drivers and protect revenue. Ensure every pickup is made and every passenger receives the service they expect. Evaluate your efficiency and improve performance across your business. It works.

Increase Your equipment uptime

In order to exceed expectations in every delivery and to increase the safety of your staff, your fleet of vehicles must always be in perfect condition. With Movolytics, you will be able to keep track of all maintenance actions by registering and configuring notices based on the miles and/or time of each vehicle: next oil change, tire rotation, MOT, end of the renting contract, etc.

Unexpected breakdowns can lead to missed important delivery deadlines, lost revenue and unhappy customers. Transport and Logistics telematics can keep you up to date on maintenance needs and help you schedule proactive service more efficiently.

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Know where your trucks and semi-trailers are in real-time, the trips made by each of them and monitor the safety of your loads and drivers.

You will stay informed at all times about different aspects of the use of semi-trailers and maintenance. For example, the number of aggressive braking, miles travelled and a series of other aspects that will help you improve the maintenance of your fleet.

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