Movolytics’ advanced fleet technology empowers you to precisely pinpoint the location of each vehicle in your fleet. But Movolytics is far more than just a GPS tracker. Our comprehensive fleet management solution offers a suite of features designed to enhance efficiency, minimise waste, and improve safety across your entire fleet. Experience the simplicity of this innovative tool, coupled with its sophisticated advantages.

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The power to

your nearest available drivers

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See your driver and vehicle location in real-time

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Reduce your fuel consumption and maintenance costs

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Track your driver behaviour like speeding, idling and harsh driving.

Track your fleet

Anywhere your drivers go, Movolytics goes too.

A live map shows exactly where each vehicle is and with a journey replay you will be able to see where it’s been.

With the power to auto-locate your nearest available drivers, react to live traffic conditions and be informed of the most efficient route to your customer, Movolytics gives you the insight you need to reduce costs and manage your drivers effortlessly.

One of the biggest expenses for any transport-based business is fuel costs. With the help of Movolytics, you can significantly reduce your fuel consumption and reduce your outgoings.

Our software is designed to help businesses optimise their operations. Movolytics gives you detailed insight into the fuel consumption across your entire fleet. Instead of rough estimates, Movolytics patented technology takes the numbers straight from your engine, providing users with accurate and precise data.

The result is a real-time dashboard view that shows precisely how much fuel is being used, how much is being wasted, and how much it’s costing your business. It’s one of the reasons we’re confident Movolytics could cut your fuel spend by up to 20%.

Movolytics fleet management software helps businesses to improve fleet management and operate more efficiently.

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Reduce your
fuel costs

accurate insight on fuel consumption

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Our user-friendly dashboard is easy to navigate and allows you to see all your important fleet data in one place.

Movolytics is the complete solution that can be used to collect and report on, an array of vehicle data, helping users to optimise their fleet operations. Movolytics provides this information in accurate and concise reports, that are easy to access and understand.

Movolytics allows you to see all the information you require in a very simple and visual way. Using very intuitive graphs, you will be able to see at a single glance the most important data about your fleet. Movolytics turns data into insight, allowing users to make informed business decisions.

The Movolytics dashboard displayed on laptop and mobile devices.

“The service and maintenance module is critical for the company by letting us maintain the vehicles and record the total cost of ownership on the fleet. Thanks to the reminders, we receive alerts for oil changes, part replacements and other critical maintenance, without having to ask anyone. This helps us keep vehicles in top condition. ”
RotaRod Ltd

Maintaining your fleet vehicles is essential for ensuring their safety and reliability. However, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of your fleet maintenance. Movolytics can help you with your fleet maintenance management and help you to keep your vehicles in good condition.

Movolytics fleet management software can manage your maintenance schedule for you, and issue alerts when key checks are due. This helps you to keep on top of your vehicle maintenance and keep your vehicles safe.

Service and Maintenance Management

Keep Your Vehicles on the Road

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Movolytics automated reports generate reports automatically based on the data collected from your fleet of vehicles. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that reports are accurate and up-to-date. Movolytics automated reports are also highly customisable, allowing you to create reports that meet your specific needs. Movolytics fleet management software provides a variety of customisation options, allowing you to select the data fields and metrics that are most important to you and create reports that highlight that data.

Automated Reporting

Concise, Accurate Reports

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