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Fuel Cost Management


Reduce your fuel spend

Movolytics game changing fuel management system will change your view on how your can save on fuel spend. We use patented technology to gather real-time information to give you precise data on fuel consumption and fuel wastage. Then we show you what that means in pounds and pence. Our fuel management systems even show you how much money you could save on your journeys and makes it easier to forecast your fuel spend. That leads to better business budgeting and enhanced profit margins.

✅ No estimates – advanced technology pulls accurate data straight from the engine for informed business decisions.

✅ Use of patented fuel technology. 

✅ See exactly how much inefficient driving costs your business in lost fuel.


Fuel analytics

5 Ways to Drive Down your Fuel Spend

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Wasted Fuel

Powerful insight on how your fleet uses fuel

Movolytics gives you precise data on fuel consumption and fuel wastage. You can analyse the data from the fuel monitoring system any way you want, pulling reports based on time, region, driver or fleet to monitor trends and keep your fuel spend in check. You will know exactly how to maximise savings in your future journeys.

Excessive Idling

Protect your profits from going up in smoke

An idling engine wastes money.

Unlike some systems in the market, we will let you know the difference between a vehicle that’s stuck in congestion and one that’s genuinely true ignition idling. Now you can take meaningful action based on accurate information to prevent your profits from leaking out of your fleet’s exhausts.


Vehicle Speeding

Less speed, more safety

Speed limits are there for a reason. Drivers who break them don’t just put themselves at risk, they could cause accidents and put your entire business in jeopardy. Slowing the pace by 5mph is a small price to pay for peace of mind. It will reduce your fuel costs too. We will report whenever your vehicles exceed the speed limit by a certain percentage. It provides a strong incentive for your drivers to follow the rules.

Inefficient Driver Behaviour

Drive smarter, save money

Rapid acceleration. Harsh braking. Hard cornering. Movolytics logs wasteful driver behaviours and builds a profile of inefficiency for each driver. You will see exactly where you can reduce your fuel spend  and get accurate estimates for how much money you could save. Based on this accurate information, you can set up driver safety incentives or extra training if required. 

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Unauthorised Vehicle Use

Do your employees take company vehicles home at night or over the weekends? If so, your business may be funding the fuel used on personal errands or side-jobs. That could amount to hundreds of pounds of needless expense per month and without our technology, you have no way of knowing. Install Movolytics and receive instant alerts whenever one of your vehicles is being driven outside of your normal business hours.

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Get started seamlessly

Movolytics understands how important it is to avoid disruption to your day-to-day service.  After all, you need your vehicles on the road to make money.  

Movolytics offers a wide variety of vehicle tracking devices, giving you the flexibility to choose which installation will suit your business. 

Every business is different, so Movolytics has multiple options to suit your company. The Movolytics self-installed trackers are the perfect solution for a quick DIY install into any vehicle. Simply stick the device to the vehicle battery or insert into the On Board Diagnostic port. These units are simple to transfer between vehicles in a very short time, saving you any potential installation or deinstallation costs. We can also supply professionally installed hardwired tracking units should you require.


How does Movolytics vehicle tracking work?

Movolytics is the online cloud-based platform that connects you and your vehicles. 

Thanks to Movolytics, vehicle tracking technology has never been so user-friendly.

The system provides real-time location of vehicles as well a comprehensive range of reporting and dashboards designed to help you save fuel, time and money.

Movolytics is with you whether you are in the office or on the move. Movolytics give you the information that you want, when you want it. 

What do our clients say?

"The Movolytics platform is straightforward and intuitive. It has several main screens with different menus, as well as a great variety of customizable reports that I can program to go directly to my inbox. If I am not in the office and want to locate a vehicle, I just need to use the Movolytics app"
"Knowing exactly how much bad driving costs our business, combined with Movolytics fuel analytics allows us to spot trends and to put actions in place to decrease our fuel spend"
"Thanks to Movolytics we have reduced our fuel wastage by 52% . This basically means that the system is paying for itself 10 times over every month just on fuel savings alone. That's not counting all the additional benefits that we get from the other parts of the system"

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