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    Reduce your fuel spend

    Reduce your fuel waste and save money

    Our game-changing fuel technology helps you to measure, manage and minimise your fuel consumption.

    Movolytics’ fuel management system shows you how much money you could save on your journeys and make it easier to forecast your fuel spend. That leads to better business budgeting and enhanced profit margins.

    No estimates – our patented technology pulls accurate data straight from the engine for informed business decisions.

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    Reduce fuel waste

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    Reduce fuel costs

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    Accurately forecast your fuel spend

    Our patented technology provides accurate fuel data

    Get more information on how Movolytics can help you fill in the form below.

      Waste Less Fuel

      Insight into your fuel consumption

      Movolytics gives you precise data on fuel consumption and fuel wastage. You can analyse the data from the fuel monitoring system any way you want, pulling reports based on time, region, driver, or fleet, to monitor trends and keep your fuel spend in check. You will know exactly how to maximise savings in your future journeys.

      Improve Fuel Efficiency

      Monitor excessive idling

      An idling engine wastes money and is one of the biggest causes of wasted fuel in a vehicle.

      Unlike some systems in the market, we will let you know the difference between a vehicle that’s stuck in congestion and one that’s genuinely true ignition idling. Now you can take meaningful action to improve fuel efficiency.

      Save up to 20% on Your Fuel Consumption

      Waste less fuel and reduce your fuel spend

      Accurately manage your fleet fuel consumption with Movolytics. Our patented technology provides you with precise, accurate data on how much fuel your fleet is using, how much fuel is being wasted, and how much you are spending on fuel. This helps you to reduce your fuel consumption, accurately forecast your fuel spend and save money.

      • Check iconNo estimates – our patented technology pulls accurate data straight from the engine for informed business decisions
      • Check iconReduce your fuel consumption and waste
      • Check iconSpend less on fuel and save money
      • Check iconAccurately forecast your fuel spend

      Inefficient Driver Behaviour

      Rapid acceleration. Harsh braking. Hard cornering. Movolytics logs wasteful driver behaviours and builds a profile of inefficiency for each driver. You will see exactly where you can reduce your fuel spend and get accurate estimates for how much money you could save. Based on this accurate information, you can set up driver safety incentives or extra training if required.

      Turn data into Insight

      Make informed decisions

      Movolytics fleet management software turns data into insight, allowing users to make informed decisions, and manage their fuel spend effectively. With Movolytics, you can accurately forecast your fuel spend using precise data. Our user-friendly dashboard is easy to navigate and stores all the important data about your fleet in one place. Our system will provide you with a powerful business insight into all the information you need to know.

      Private Mode

      The Movolytics driver app also provides your business and your drivers with a privacy function should you wish to activate it. This will allow your drivers to differentiate their business and private mileage and will provide your company with the automated reporting required to stay compliant with tax regulations.

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      Save time

      Improve the efficiency of your business operations

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      Reduce Waste

      Reduce waste and save money

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      Improve safety with Movolytics

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