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    Live tracking at your fingertips

    Have complete visibility of your fleet 24/7

    Live tracking from Movolytics allows you to see your vehicles and drivers in real-time using any internet connected device. No need for additional software, everything is accessed over the web. With our advanced live tracking map, you can access all your vehicle and driver information, timesheets and daily route maps.

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    Real-time live tracking

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    Complete fleet visibility

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    Improve security

    Get more information on how Movolytics can help you fill in the form below.

      Real-Time Tracking

      Complete visibility of your vehicles 24/7

      You will get an accurate picture of the information that matters. You will know how far each driver has travelled, the total time the vehicle has been stopped or in movement, and the exact road location where the vehicle is located. With this vehicle tracking system in place, you can keep your customers informed at all times and provide your clients the highest level of customer service.

      Improve Vehicle Security

      Know what's happening with your vehicles

      When you have a GPS vehicle tracker installed, you will have instant access to your vehicle’s location, whether it is sitting in your garage or it is out in the parking lot where you work. You will also know when the vehicle is being moved and can track the location. If you aren’t in the vehicle at the time and do not know who has taken the vehicle, you can alert the authorities quickly.

      Find Nearby Assets

      Identify and respond to your challenges

      If an emergency was to arise or a vehicle breaks down, an urgent delivery is needed, or you need to get the right engineer to a priority job, this function allows you to easily search for any nearby vehicles. Set a radius, and you will be able to view all the vehicles in the specified location/area.

      • Check iconPinpoint the nearest vehicle to any location
      • Check iconFind and direct that vehicle, to any destination, with optimised routing.
      • Check iconRespond to any vehicle emergencies quickly, efficiently and safely.

      Real-Time Road Traffic Data

      Improve your operations

      What if you could improve your customer service and avoid any delays?

      Now you can! By using our live traffic updates, you can analyse any traffic delays in real-time and organise your trips accordingly.

      Keep your clients up to date in real-time and say goodbye to delayed deliveries and late arrivals.

      Mobile App

      Available on Android and iOS

      See your vehicles in real-time using any internet-connected device. Access important fleet data anywhere, anytime through the Movolytics mobile app.

      Private Mode

      The Movolytics driver app also provides your business and your drivers with a privacy function should you wish to activate it. This will allow your drivers to differentiate their business and private mileage and will provide your company with the automated reporting required to stay compliant with tax regulations.

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      Save time

      Improve the efficiency of your business operations

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      Reduce Waste

      Reduce waste and save money

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      Improve safety with Movolytics

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