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Eco-friendly fleet management: fuel cards for more sustainability

As environmental responsibility becomes a priority for companies worldwide, fleet managers are turning to innovative tools for eco-friendly fleet management. Fuel cards have emerged as a powerful ally in this pursuit, offering more than just a convenient way to purchase fuel. They are now pivotal in promoting environmentally friendly practices within fleets. By offering detailed […]


Choosing the Right Fleet Telematics Provider: Key Considerations

Making the right decisions can be the key to success. When it comes to managing your fleet efficiently, selecting the ideal Fleet Telematics Provider is a crucial decision. Movolytics is ready to meet the criteria that modern businesses should consider when making this choice. The Significance of a Fleet Telematics For businesses that rely on […]


Customisable Reporting with Movolytics

In fleet management, the ability to harness data effectively is important. At Movolytics, we understand that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges, goals, and metrics that matter most. This understanding is at the core of our fleet management software, particularly when it comes to our customisable reporting feature. Automated Reporting: Your […]



Trusted by fleets large and small, Movolytics is helping thousands of businesses achieve better results nationwide. Get unparalleled insight into your fleet with Movolytics. Our technology provides a complete overview of your fleet management and provides precise and accurate vehicle data. Movolytics is a complete solution that can be used to collect, and report on, an array of vehicle data, helping users to optimise their fleet operations. We provide precise and accurate fleet data, helping users to make informed business decisions. Book a free Fleet Tracking Demo to see how it works and ensure yourself that this is exactly what your business needs.

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