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Eco-friendly routing: A greener approach to fleet management in 2024

In an era characterised by growing environmental awareness and sustainability goals, eco-friendly routing is emerging as a key telematics trend in fleet management. As the world’s focus shifts to greener practices, optimising routes to minimise emissions and reduce fuel consumption is a top priority for fleet operators. In this study, we explore the importance of […]


The development of van trackers: Improving Fleet Efficiency

Van tracking technology has evolved from its humble beginnings to become a cornerstone in the field of fleet management. Discover the key milestones and advances that have made van trackers an indispensable tool for the transport and logistics sector The origins of van trackers: a GPS revolution In its early stages, van tracking was based […]


Navigating the Future: Telematics Trends Shaping Fleet Management in 2024

Keeping pace with change is not just an option, it is a necessity. The year 2024 heralds a series of transformative telematics trends that will shape the industry and offer new opportunities for organisations to succeed. In this comprehensive exploration, we look at these telematics trends and provide insights into how they will redefine fleet […]



Trusted by fleets large and small, Movolytics is helping thousands of businesses achieve better results nationwide. Get unparalleled insight into your fleet with Movolytics. Our technology provides a complete overview of your fleet management and provides precise and accurate vehicle data. Movolytics is a complete solution that can be used to collect, and report on, an array of vehicle data, helping users to optimise their fleet operations. We provide precise and accurate fleet data, helping users to make informed business decisions. Book a free Fleet Tracking Demo to see how it works and ensure yourself that this is exactly what your business needs.

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