About us

Movolytics was founded in 2016 in the United Kingdom with the goal of becoming a European market leader.

About us

Vehicle Safety Checks Made Easy

The company offers both web-based and mobile application services that provide companies with information on vehicle location, speed, mileage, fuel usage and driver behaviour, enabling operators to identify the costs and risks associated with managing a fleet of vehicles.

Our vastly experienced team, who are experts in our software, will provide you with a best in class experience from installation to implementation and beyond.

We guarantee minimal disruption to your business as we install our service, so you can keep running your business efficiently. You will be quickly on your way to running a safer, greener, more productive and profitable fleet.

We offer our customers a modern and user-friendly interface, which will be continuously developed and will offer regular software updates to ensure peak performance for our clients. We tailor our solutions to your business needs, therefore there is always a package to suit every customer’s requirements.

Efficient Fleet Management with Movolytics

At Movolytics, we provide a comprehensive fleet telematics platform that helps businesses reduce costs and run their fleet effectively. Our advanced system collects and analyses a wealth of data, offering accurate insights into your fleet. This invaluable information enables fleet managers to improve their fleet management and make data-driven decisions. Accurate Data Movolytics provides a wide range […]


Eco-friendly fleet management: fuel cards for more sustainability

As environmental responsibility becomes a priority for companies worldwide, fleet managers are turning to innovative tools for eco-friendly fleet management. Fuel cards have emerged as a powerful ally in this pursuit, offering more than just a convenient way to purchase fuel. By offering detailed insights into fuel consumption, fuel cards can be used in minimising […]


Choosing the Right Fleet Telematics Provider: Key Considerations

Making the right decisions can be the key to success. When it comes to managing your fleet efficiently, selecting the ideal Fleet Telematics Provider is a crucial decision. Movolytics is ready to meet the criteria that modern businesses should consider when making this choice. The Significance of a Fleet Telematics For businesses that rely on […]


Accurate Fleet Data

Trusted by fleets large and small, Movolytics fleet management software is helping thousands of businesses achieve better results nationwide.

Get unparalleled insight into your fleet with Movolytics. Our technology provides a complete overview of your fleet management and provides precise and accurate vehicle data.

Movolytics is a complete solution that can be used to collect, and report on, an array of vehicle data, helping users to optimise their fleet operations.

Movolytics provides precise and accurate fleet data, helping users to make informed business decisions.

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