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Who We Are

Movolytics was founded in 2016 in the United Kingdom with the goal of becoming a European market leader.

The company offers both web-based and mobile application services that provide companies with information on vehicle location, speed, mileage, fuel usage and driver behaviour, enabling operators to identify the costs and risks associated with managing a fleet of vehicles.

Our vastly experienced team, who are experts in our software, will provide you with a best in class experience from installation to implementation and beyond.                              

We guarantee minimal disruption to your business as we install our service, so you can keep running your business efficiently. You will be quickly on your way to running a safer, greener, more productive and profitable fleet.

We offer our customers a modern and user-friendly interface, which will be continuously developed and will offer regular software updates to ensure peak performance for our clients. We tailor our solutions to your business needs, therefore there is always a package to suit every customer’s requirements.


Everything You Need, All in One

Movolytics use of Advanced Patented Technology

“Driver safety and driver behaviour are two things that we take very serious at Owen Scaffold Contractors. Thanks to Movolytics’ journey replay, I can see how my drivers have been driving their vehicles to ensure that they are not putting their safety at risk and the company’s reputation at stake, as we once received a complaint from someone about one of our driver’s behaviour on the road.

Martin Halpin, Transport & Decking Division Manager

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