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    Complete Integration with Movolytics Software

    The all-new MovoVision

    The latest innovation in our dash cam range is designed specifically for the unique requirements of fleet operations. MovoVision isn’t just a dash cam, but a comprehensive video telematics solution that integrates seamlessly with Movolytics’ fleet management software, giving you unrivalled visibility and control over the safety of your fleet.

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    Fully Integrated System

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      MovoVision improves fleet management with its advanced recording features and offers high-resolution video recording in 720p. A single camera with high-efficiency video coding (MP4) for fast video file delivery. This ensures that every journey is captured with clear, detailed footage, providing an accurate visual record of incidents and enhancing fleet safety in all lighting conditions. In addition to superior image quality, the MovoVision features an intelligent storage management system with a 72-hour video storage that enables continuous, automatic recording. This sophisticated approach to data management eliminates the need for manual intervention and ensures that your fleet’s operations are monitored efficiently and effectively.

      The Newest Dash Cam Technology

      Access dash cam footage through the Movolytics platform

      Seamless integration with Movolytics software revolutionises the way fleet managers access and use dash cam footage. Instant, easy access to important video clips directly through the Movolytics platform eliminates the need to retrieve physical storage, simplifying the process of reviewing and responding to incidents.



      MovoVision puts safety first. The system automatically records footage of difficult driving situations to analyse driver behaviour and promote safe driving practises in your fleet.

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      Where to position your dash cam

      When installing a dash cam to your windscreen, it is important to think about where you position it. It is important to ensure that you position the dash cam in a place that won’t obstruct the driver’s view or distract them in any way, as this could be unsafe.

      Also, if you have a GPS device, the GPS reception could be affected by the dash cam. The GPS and dash cam should be positioned approximately 20cm apart, so they do not interfere with each other. As with the dash cam, the GPS should be placed in a position that won’t obstruct the driver’s view.

      Movolytics can take care of all installation for you. We have a professional team across the UK who can install the dash cam for you, with minimal disruption to your business and daily operations.

      Reliable Crash Detection

      Auto record

      In the event of a collision, MovoVision’s crash detection feature automatically secures the footage, offering peace of mind and an essential asset for post-incident review and insurance purposes.

      Private Mode

      Private Mode allows you to differentiate between business and private mileage and helps your business to stay compliant with GDPR regulations.

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      What will I receive with my Movolytics vehicle tracking?

      We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to our customers at all stages of their Movolytics experience. Our UK customer support team are always on hand to help to resolve any queries you may have as quickly as possible.

      Here at Movolytics, we’re also keen to ensure our customers know exactly how to exploit the cost-cutting and increased productivity opportunities facilitated by the system. We’ll stay in touch via the distribution of a quarterly e-newsletter, annual customer satisfaction surveys, and catch-up calls with your Customer Support representative. You can also keep up to date at your convenience by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll communicate any system updates as soon as they become available.

      Do I have to tell my staff if I install vehicle tracking?

      We encourage our customers to be open about the installation of tracking devices and it’s important to ensure your workforce feel comfortable with the introduction of tracking devices in your business. Reliable and hardworking employees should have no concerns about the devices being installed and our customer success stories prove that employees rarely react negatively. If resistance does occur, this tends to be from individuals who haven’t been using company vehicles legitimately.

      It’s vital that you explain the reasons why tracking has been installed. This can be done successfully by highlighting the benefits to both the business and employees. It’s essential not to lose sight of the fact that the devices are designed to integrate with the day-to-day operational processes of your business, adding value to what you do, resulting in improved efficiency and profitability. You may also wish to explain to your workforce exactly how the tracking system works. Even if they will not be directly using the system themselves, this approach will make them feel more at ease with the system, and give them a greater understanding of the system features.

      Can Movolytics trackers work on electric vehicles?

      If you’re the proud owner of an electric vehicle, then you should be the proud owner of a top-quality vehicle tracker too. At Movolytics, we have a tracker to suit all vehicles – including electric and hybrid vehicles.

      How long is my data available on your servers?

      We maintain a complete record of vehicle activity and reports for all our customers available on our site for 12 months. After that time, you may request specific days or periods for some or all of your vehicles to be made available to you again online.

      Are there any limits on the number of users?

      No – the prices quoted are for an unlimited number of users and, as the system is browser-based, there is no software to update on your pc.


      Can I move my Movolytics tracker to another vehicle?

      Yes. Our self-installation devices can easily be moved from one vehicle to another, but you will need to inform customer support of your change of vehicle details.

      If you require your vehicle tracking device to be moved to another vehicle, all you need to do is contact our dedicated UK customer support team. They’ll arrange for the tracking device to be removed by one of our accredited engineers and refitted into the new vehicle at a time and place that suits you. Moving the unit doesn’t mean you’ll lose your data, and all your historical information will still be easily accessible, and we’ll arrange the change of vehicle details such as driver identity and registration.

      Contact our customer support team at [email protected] or call 03456 045 286

      Is the system affected by a lack of network coverage?

      The tracking system uses GPS to track and store location, speed, and direction information. This information is transmitted continuously to our servers using the GSM mobile network. In the event of poor or weak coverage, it will simply store this information until transmission is possible.

      Is my vehicle tracking data secure?

      Here at Movolytics we take our responsibility for looking after your real-time and historical data very seriously. You’ll have access to your data using the Movolytics cloud-based portal, which is protected by your individual username and password. To further your control, you’ll have the ability to create additional log on details for other employees, allowing you to control what they view and disable specific functions/settings. These measures are designed to give you maximum control and peace of mind that your data will remain confidential and safe.

      What is an OBD tracker?

      OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics and is a computer system inside of the vehicle that checks and regulates a vehicle’s performance.

      The OBD tracker will simply plug right into the OBD port, which is the same port that mechanics use when they are testing a vehicle and running diagnostics. It is very easy to add to any vehicle, and you will not need to have any specialised tools or knowledge to be able to do it.

      How long does it take to install the system?

      Our self-installation devices can be easily fitted in minutes. Should you choose our professionally installed hardwired device then installation will take approximately 45 minutes.

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      Improve safety with Movolytics

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