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Manage your assets with geofence monitoring

If your vehicles need to be either in or out of certain areas at defined times, geofencing can alert you in real-time if ever those rules are broken. Get started by simply marking out the desired zone on our map with an easy drawing tool. There is no limit to the number of geofenced zones you can set up and below we’ve listed several ways you can benefit from these features.

✅ If your vehicles need to be onsite overnight for insurance purposes, you can ensure your vehicles do not move from your site without you being instantly alerted

✅ Ensure drivers stay in the job, be alerted should your vehicles leave any of your sites

 ✅ If your staff is working on a customer site remotely, and you want to make sure vehicles stay within that area

 ✅ Receive an instant alert should your vehicles arrive late or depart early from your sites

 ✅ Ensure that there is no unauthorised use of your vehicles after hours or at the weekends

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3 Reasons To Use Our Advanced Geofencing Technology

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Strengthen safety

Speed up theft recovery

A geofence GPS tracker can help keep an extra eye on your fleet after business hours. Receive near real-time alerts (straight to the mobile app on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone) when company vehicles or assets are moved outside a virtual fence without authorization. Real-time GPS vehicle tracking helps you react to problems faster and act quickly to help recover stolen vehicles

Keep your team productive​

Improve your profit margins

With the Movolytics geofence functionality, you can tell when your employees enter or leave designated areas. This can help you verify timesheets, reduce overtime and stop unauthorized vehicle use. Our GPS tracking system can also configure geofences for your frequently visited clients and you can use the geofence report to show proof of service/delivery to your customers, enhancing your company’s reputation. 


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Define prohibited zones

You are in complete control of your geofences. You can set up different rules that will trigger an alert if one of your vehicles enters or leaves a particular zone.

✅ Ensure that your vehicles arrive at the places they must get to

✅ Ensure that all your vehicles do not enter any prohibited areas during work hours, after hours or weekends

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Get started seamlessly

We understand how important it is to avoid disruption to your day-to-day service. Movolytics understands that completely. After all, you need vehicles on the road to make money.  

Movolytics offers a wide variety of vehicle tracking devices, all with slightly different installation processes, giving you the flexibility to choose which installation will suit your business. 

Every business is different, so Movolytics has multiple options to suit your company. The Movolytics self-installed tracker is the perfect solution for a quick DIY install into any vehicle. Simply stick the device to the vehicle battery or insert into the On Board Diagnostic port. This unit is very easy to transfer between vehicles in a very short time, saving you any potential installation or deinstallation costs. We can also supply a professionally installed hardwired tracking unit should you require.

How does Movolytics vehicle tracking work?

Movolytics is the online platform that connects you and your vehicles. 

Thanks to Movolytics, vehicle tracking technology has never been so user-friendly.

The system provides real-time location of vehicles as well a comprehensive range of reporting and dashboards designed to help you save fuel, time and money.

Movolytics is with you whether you are in the office or on the move. Movolytics give you the information that you want, when you want it. 

What do our clients say?

"The Movolytics platform is straightforward and intuitive. It has several main screens with different menus, as well as a great variety of customizable reports that I can program to go directly to my inbox. If I am not in the office and want to locate a vehicle, I just need to use the Movolytics app"
"Knowing exactly how much bad driving costs our business, combined with Movolytics fuel analytics allows us to spot trends and to put actions in place to decrease our fuel spend"
"Thanks to Movolytics we have reduced our fuel wastage by 52% . This basically means that the system is paying for itself 10 times over every month just on fuel savings alone. That's not counting all the additional benefits that we get from the other parts of the system"

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