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    Real-time Data Available On Your Mobile

    Movolytics Mobile App for Android and iOS

    No more hassles of carrying your laptop around, track your vehicles on the go with your mobile device. With meaningful real-time data available on your mobile, you can address challenges in real-time, while improving your operations over the long term. Let Movolytics put you in the driving seat wherever you are.

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    Get more information on how Movolytics can help you fill in the form below.

      Fleet tracking app

      You don’t need to be sitting in your office to be in control of your fleet

      Movolytics provides you with two free of cost mobile applications, one for your managers and one for your drivers.

      Driver’s Login

      Grant individual drivers access to their own driving style dashboard via the driver login.

      This encourages drivers to see their own scores and performance at the end of each day. The driver will be able to see their individual driving performance for any period. The driver can access their style of driving at the end of each day, or go back over previous days in the week to see how their driving has improved. With this functionality, our customers have seen significant improvements in their employees driving behaviour. By allowing your drivers to interact with the software and visualise how they perform, they will be more likely to self regulate their poor driving habits.

      Vehicle inspection

      Vehicle Safety Checks Made Easy

      You can now convert your paper-based vehicle safety checks to electronic forms with the Movolytics driver mobile app. The app allows your drivers to conduct their vehicle safety checks, quickly and efficiently on their smartphone and submit reports electronically to the relevant departments to take immediate action if required. This will help your company save time and maintain a reliable, safe and serviceable fleet. We’ve got a digital solution that gives you the ability to conveniently complete inspection forms that ensure you stay complaint with government guidelines and regulations.

      • Check iconEliminates paper-based checksheets saving you valuable time
      • Check iconIntegrates fully with your Movolytics account
      • Check iconAllows drivers to instantly upload and send photographic evidence of damage and defects
      • Check iconWith a click of a button checks are sent directly to the relevant fleet manager or administrator in your business

      Driving style monitoring

      Access data anytime, anywhere.​​

      Working with your drivers, you can identify if their style is improving over time – over the course of a month you might expect to see an impact – and incorporate this into performance reviews or reward schemes to encourage better driving.

      By looking at your employees driving style over a month or longer, will allow you to see if their style if consistent and help to spot any trends that need correction.

      Journey Replay

      Build a picture of your driver and your vehicles journeys

      Journey replay provides you with the ability to see when and where a vehicle stopped, if it was speeding at any time, if the vehicle went off route or made unscheduled stops. Using state-of-the-art Movolytics tracking system you will have instant access to historical information about your vehicles.This allows you to go back in time to assess driver performance, efficiency, routes, settle disputes, confirm delivery or check arrival/departure times at sites.

      Private Mode

      The Movolytics driver app also provides your business and your drivers with a privacy function should you wish to activate it. This will allow your drivers to differentiate their business and private mileage and will provide your company with the automated reporting required to stay compliant with tax regulations.

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