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    Real-Time Business Vehicle Tracking

    Stay in control of your fleet.

    Movolytics is a leading provider of real-time business fleet tracking solutions designed to help companies efficiently monitor and manage their vehicle fleets. With an emphasis on delivering accurate, real-time location and movement data, Movolytics enables businesses to gain better control over their fleet operations and optimise performance.

    One of the primary benefits of real-time business vehicle tracking is the ability to optimise routes and reduce fuel consumption. By using GPS-based tracking, Movolytics provides precise location information that allows fleet managers to make informed decisions about the most efficient routes for their drivers. This not only minimises fuel costs but also reduces the environmental impact of fleet operations.

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    Real-time fleet tracking

    Improve customer service

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    Improve compliance

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    Review past journeys

    Get more information on how Movolytics business vehicle tracking can help you.

      Complete visibility of your business fleet

      Understand and manage your fleet efficiently

      Movolytics is committed to providing complete visibility of your fleet, offering businesses a powerful tool to efficiently manage their vehicle operations. By delivering real-time business vehicle tracking, accurate location and performance data, Movolytics ensures that companies have all the information they need to optimise their fleet and make informed decisions.

      Complete visibility of your fleet encompasses several aspects, including real-time tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, and vehicle performance analytics. With Movolytics, fleet managers can monitor the exact location of each vehicle in their fleet, enabling them to quickly respond to any unexpected situations or emergencies, ensuring the safety of both drivers and assets.

      Improve customer service

      Real time, live data

      Movolytics is dedicated to helping businesses improve customer service by optimising their business vehicle tracking systems. By providing real-time tracking and vehicle performance data, Movolytics enables companies to enhance their delivery times, responsiveness, and overall customer experience.

      Improve Compliance

      Stay compliant with regulatory requirements

      Movolytics assists with vehicle tracking for business by improving compliance and simplifying the monitoring and management of fleet operations. Through accurate tracking and data analysis, Movolytics helps companies adhere to regulations and industry standards, reducing the risk of violations and fines.

      The platform enables businesses to monitor driver behaviour, ensuring that employees comply with traffic rules and safe driving practices. Additionally, Movolytics provides vital vehicle performance data, facilitating proactive maintenance and adherence to emission standards. By offering comprehensive insights into fleet operations, Movolytics empowers businesses to maintain compliance, uphold their reputation, and focus on delivering exceptional service to their customers.

      • Check iconAccurately pinpoint the location of your fleet vehicles
      • Check iconImprove customer service and provide accurate delivery times
      • Check iconStay compliant with regulatory requirements
      • Check iconReview past journeys

      Review Past Journeys

      Detailed map reports of past journeys

      Movolytics offers valuable business vehicle tracking features that allows fleet managers to review past journeys, providing insights into historical fleet performance and driver behaviour. By analysing this data, fleet managers can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency and safety.

      Reviewing past journeys can reveal inefficiencies in routes, allowing for adjustments to be made for future trips. Additionally, examining driver behaviour during previous journeys can help identify any unsafe practices, enabling managers to address these issues and promote safer driving habits. In essence, Movolytics' ability to review past journeys empowers businesses to learn from their fleet's history and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

      User-Friendly Dashboard

      See all your fleet data in one place

      Movolytics features a user-friendly business vehicle tracking dashboard designed to make managing fleet operations as seamless and efficient as possible. The intuitive interface provides a clear, at-a-glance overview of crucial fleet information, including real-time vehicle locations, driver behaviour, and performance metrics.

      Private Mode

      Private Mode allows you to differentiate between business and private mileage and helps your business to stay compliant with GDPR regulations.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do I have to tell my staff if I install vehicle tracking?

      We encourage our customers to be open about the installation of tracking devices and it’s important to ensure your workforce feel comfortable with the introduction of tracking devices in your business. Reliable and hardworking employees should have no concerns about the devices being installed and our customer success stories prove that employees rarely react negatively. If resistance does occur, this tends to be from individuals who haven’t been using company vehicles legitimately.

      It’s vital that you explain the reasons why tracking has been installed. This can be done successfully by highlighting the benefits to both the business and employees. It’s essential not to lose sight of the fact that the devices are designed to integrate with the day-to-day operational processes of your business, adding value to what you do, resulting in improved efficiency and profitability. You may also wish to explain to your workforce exactly how the tracking system works. Even if they will not be directly using the system themselves, this approach will make them feel more at ease with the system, and give them a greater understanding of the system features.

      Can I move my Movolytics tracker to another vehicle?

      Yes. Our self-installation devices can easily be moved from one vehicle to another, but you will need to inform customer support of your change of vehicle details.

      If you require your vehicle tracking device to be moved to another vehicle, all you need to do is contact our dedicated UK customer support team. They’ll arrange for the tracking device to be removed by one of our accredited engineers and refitted into the new vehicle at a time and place that suits you. Moving the unit doesn’t mean you’ll lose your data, and all your historical information will still be easily accessible, and we’ll arrange the change of vehicle details such as driver identity and registration.

      Contact our customer support team at [email protected] or call 03456 045 286

      How does vehicle tracking work?

      Vehicle tracking technology allows the user to view the position of their mobile workforce through the use of a cloud-based software platform. Once the device has been fitted within your vehicle the GPS (Global Positioning System) will identify the GPS coordinates, which are then sent via a mobile network to our advanced servers. It is here where all your real-time and historical data will be stored, which you are able to access anytime, anywhere using the Movolytics cloud-based portal.

      Save time

      Improve the efficiency of your business operations

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      Reduce Waste

      Reduce waste and save money

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      Improve safety with Movolytics

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