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    Maintain Your Vehicles and Improve Safety

    Vehicle maintenance checks are a key part of fleet safety

    If you want your vehicles to run smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively, you need to look after them. But you are busy. And when you have a number of vehicles in your fleet, it can be hard to keep track of your responsibilities – such as checking brake pads, engine oil and tyre treads. Movolytics can manage the maintenance schedule for you, issuing reminders when key checks are due. Ensure your vehicles go the full distance.

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    Allows you to see a complete picture of your fleet maintenance and repair needs

    Automated prompts when it’s time to perform required maintenance

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    Movolytics can notify you if an onboard diagnostic fault code should appear

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    Generate compliance reports with minimal effort

    Get more information on how Movolytics can help you fill in the form below.

      Get Maintenance Reminders

      Keep up-to-date with vehicle maintenance

      The Movolytics platform has transformed the way our clients maintain their fleet safety by automating the process of the required service and maintenance programs of their fleet. Movolytics will provide you with a full service and maintenance platform. Movolytics will manage your maintenance schedule for you and issue reminders when key checks are due. You will also receive automated prompts when it’s time to perform annual maintenance. With Movolytics, you can also keep a record of all the past service history of every vehicle in your fleet.

      Complete Insight into Your Fleet Maintenance

      Improve the safety of your vehicles

      At Movolytics, we pride ourselves on our ability to approach things differently. Where most companies are focused on bringing you more data, we want to bring you the right data. We want to make it easier than ever to turn data into insight and insight into decisions. Movolytics also provides easy to understand fault codes.

      Save Admin Time

      Go paper-less with electronic Vehicle Inspection reports

      You can now convert your paper-based vehicle safety checks to electronic forms with the Movolytics driver mobile app.

      The app allows your drivers to conduct their vehicle safety checks, quickly and efficiently on their smartphone and submit reports electronically to the relevant departments to take immediate action if required. This will help your company save time and maintain a reliable, safe and serviceable fleet.

      • Check iconEliminates paper-based checksheets saving you valuable time
      • Check iconIntegrates fully with your Movolytics account
      • Check iconAllows drivers to instantly upload and send photographic evidence of damage and defects
      • Check iconWith a click of a button checks are sent directly to the relevant fleet manager or administrator in your business

      Save Money on Maintenance and Repair Costs

      Perform regular maintenance checks to improve safety and save money

      Perform regular vehicle checks to make sure that you stay up to date with the condition of your fleet. This will help you to quickly identify and fix any problems with your vehicles. Fixing issues as they arise will help to keep your vehicles in good condition and help to prevent any issues from becoming even more serious than they already are. Carrying out regular small repairs will also be cheaper for your business, than having to pay for larger repairs further down the line.


      Multiple installation options to suit your business

      Movolytics offers a wide variety of vehicle tracking devices, giving you the flexibility to choose which installation will suit your business.

      Every business is different, so Movolytics has multiple options to suit your company. The Movolytics self-installed trackers are the perfect solution for a quick DIY install into any vehicle. Simply stick the device to the vehicle battery or insert into the On Board Diagnostic port. These units are simple to transfer between vehicles in a very short time, saving you any potential installation or deinstallation costs. We can also supply professionally installed hardwired tracking units should you require.

      Private Mode

      Private Mode allows you to differentiate between business and private mileage and helps your business to stay compliant with GDPR regulations.

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      Save time

      Improve the efficiency of your business operations

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      Reduce Waste

      Reduce waste and save money

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      Improve safety with Movolytics

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