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Why did you choose Movolytics?

Initially, we were looking for a system that can offer us accurate information in regards to the location of all our vehicles. Movolytics was one of 3 tracking software that we looked at when looking into a new tracking provider. As soon as we saw the interface we really liked how user-friendly it was and also all the extra benefits that could provide to our company besides just tracking.

What would you highlight about Movolytics?

I remember the sales pitch we first got from Movolytics was a 10% fuel savings and that was the same sales pitch as other tracking providers. However, in regards fuel expenditure I did a comparison of every year since 2016.  I did a detailed comparison of every year from 2016 to 2019 which was the year we implemented Movolytics and on average we came down from £25 per mile to about £12 per mile. These are savings of 52%, which means that the system getting paid by itself 10 times!

Furthermore, thanks to the Movolytics platform we have been able to identify the use of our company vehicles at night which employees are not allowed to do so after working hours. So after identifying this issue in multiple drivers we updated our company policy which highlighted that the use of company vehicles is not allowed by any means when they are not working.

Did You Have Any Reservations About Implementing Telematics Technology?

My personal opinion always was that the implementation of Movolytics will only benefit our company. Increasing our control in regards to vehicle location and journey replays, improving driving behaviour of our staff and reducing overall fuel expenditure.

There are four directors in the company and one of them, in particular, was convinced that implementing  Movolytics was a waste of money and he did not see the point of moving forward with the tracking technology. After the first year, he immediately accepted after I showed him the real numbers that the company has achieved thanks to Movolytics. He was very surprised as everyone else was by how good results we achieved in a short amount of time.

So this director has totally changed his mind in regards to the power of Movolytics, the only thing he is not happy about it right now is that we did not implement this technology 10 years ago instead of 2 years ago!

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