RotaRod Ltd Chose Movolytics

RotaRod Ltd chose Movolytics as their telematics provider. RotaRod Ltd is an independent telecommunications company based in East Sussex. We help telecommunication companies install cables and fibre optics throughout the South of England on a daily basis. RotaRod is in an excellent position to cover the whole of the UK for commercial telecommunication companies looking for a cost-effective solution to their cabling needs.

We currently have a fleet of 30+ vehicles that are used by our sales, delivery and engineering teams. The majority of our fleet is our Engineers. We, therefore, need a fleet management system to help us manage them all.

Why RotaRod Ltd Chose Movolytics?

Movolytics provided us with a number of features that make our daily business activities much easier. However, the security that provides us with the software with the Live Map and the Journey replay feature proved to be an essential tool for our company.

Movolytics’s solution gave us additional perks beyond what we expected. The system is web-based, which means we can have immediate access to our fleet from any computer with internet access without having to install additional software. The ability to track vehicles at all times has helped us adapt and respond as fast as possible when a customer calls for emergency service. We can now go straight to the Movolytics platform and easily see a driver’s location and dispatch the closest driver to an incoming customer call. So we can quickly organise this emergency appointment, informing the customer of precise times when the worker will be at their site to solve the emergency issue for them.

What Did You Like Most About Movolytics?

Another feature that we use very regularly is the detailed reports suite. Movolytics provides easy-to-understand reports that include all the information necessary to quickly assess our entire fleet and make adjustments to optimize fleet performance.

We can monitor driver behaviour and see that data easily. With Movolytics, we can see actionable data and now enjoy many additional benefits. Weekly reporting and alerts: When unsafe driving occurs—speeding, hard braking, fast acceleration and hard cornering – every Friday we receive reports. This helps us coach our drivers on their safety scores.

How Else Has Movolytics Benefitted Your Business?

The service and maintenance module is critical for the company by letting us maintain the vehicles and record the total cost of ownership on the fleet. Thanks to the reminders, we receive alerts for oil changes, part replacements and other critical maintenance, without having to ask anyone. This helps us keep vehicles in top condition.


Adam Jeal, Systems Development & Compliance Manager at Rota Rod

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