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How to Increase Profitability in Your Business

Running any business is hard, but when it comes to industries like construction, electrical and plumbing, where you must manage a fleet of vehicles as well as a team of employees, you may struggle to keep costs low and profit high. However, with the right strategy and software, you can increase your profits with a few handy tips and tools that will stop you losing money where you do not have to.

Reduce Client Complaints

Paying out over invoice disputes may seem like an easier option, rather than fighting a losing battle because you have no proof your driver worked the hours, they said they did on your clients’ sites. Many businesses will give in to clients that refuse to pay the full amount agreed because they simply don’t have the time or evidence to prove that their drivers were there on time and stayed for the whole job. However, with our fleet management software you can track your fleets’ vehicles, so you’ll know exactly how long your employee has taken on their journey and how long they’ve spent on site. This means you have the evidence to back your case and won’t lose out on money because you’ve kept to your side of the contract.

Keep an Eye on Fuel Costs

Although fuel may seem like a necessary pay out, you can reduce the costs massively overall by keeping an eye on your drivers’ behaviours. Engine idling, unnecessary speeding, forced acceleration and late braking all can increase fuel usage, so it’s best to identify the drivers that perform this way while on the road. Once their ineffective behaviour is highlighted, you can advise and train them appropriately to maximise your profits and keep them safe while they drive. 

You can also help advise your drivers on faster routes they can take and keep an eye on traffic updates. Helping your drivers find alternative routes that avoid build-ups will reduce the time they’re stuck in traffic and save you money, as fuel won’t be wasted on stopping and starting the vehicle. While saving money on fuel, you’re also helping the environment too.

Check Your Fleet Vehicles Regularly

Regular servicing and up-to-date maintenance checks on your drivers’ vehicles will be much more beneficial to your business than ignoring issues or problems that may arise. Maintenance checks will identify problems with your vehicles before they are made worse by further use or bad weather conditions. For example, a crack in a windscreen is a lot easier to fix than a whole pane of shattered glass and a battery is a lot cheaper to replace than sending out a vehicle to rescue one of your cars that’s broken down on the side of the road.

Use Software to Keep Track of your vehicles

Keeping track of your data will help you identify where you’re spending the most money in your business, allowing you to identify areas where you could cut costs. Seeing the information all in one place can be super handy too, as you won’t have to search for your data in lots of different places.

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"“We love the fuel analytics side of Movolytics. We know exactly where our vehicles are wasting fuel. Some drivers are worse at speeding, some are worse at idling. Either way we can take steps to correct it."

Penny Bungay, Director of DRW Reading

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